Treatments for acne scars that are available
today, the TCA CROSS and TCA peel are most effective in the long
term. The difference between the two treatments is detailed

TCA CROSS is a high percentage trichloroacetic acid which is
applied to each individual scar. This treatment should be carried
out by a medical practitioner as the risk of damage to the skin
can be great. By pressing hard on the acne scars the technique
causes chemical reconstruction of skin scars by focussing on the
dermal thickening and collagen production that increases with
high TCA concentrations. Healing is rapid and there are fewer

TCA peel is a medium depth peel which peels away the top
layers of the skin and usually takes 15 minutes to an hour to
complete. TCA peels have the ability to treat the acne, whilst
also removing the acne itself. Once the procedure has been
carried out a neutralizer is applied and you may have a sun
burned appearance for a while before the peeling process begins.

In either case it's normal for an ointment based antibiotic to
be applied to help moisturize the area. Once a crust forms then
the application of the ointment is discontinued in order to avoid
detaching the crust.

Before embarking on either of the above treatments it's sensible
to seek professional advice in order to attain the best results
possible. TCA CROSS and TCA peel, are both treatments for acne
scars which have proven to be extremely successful for people who
have deep seated and large acne scarring, but patience is needed
as there is a short period of skin peeling and repair to take
place before the results are seen.

This can vary from patient to patient, but generally speaking one
week after treatment the skin will start to settle down and an
improvement can be seen.

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