Telangana flow water wasted into sea,3k;tmcft

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telangana water wasted into sea,

In terms of water availability, Sagar is making a tenacious battle for survival following the Almatti factor and increased commitments, a result of clashing regional claims over the Krishna water. As a way out, the Government proposed two links to divert waters from the Godavari from where nearly 3,000 tmcft flows into the sea, to the Krishna river. If implemented, these links will facilitate inter-basin transfer, perhaps for the first time in the country.

The Government has proposed to modernise Nagarjunasagar and its canals with Rs. 3,000 crores. Of this, Rs 60 crores alone will be spent to rehabilitate the dam. The canal network, once modernised, is expected to sustain the water management by farmers, a system introducing for creating water users’ associations.


Catchment Area : 215000 kmĀ² (83012 sq mi)
Masonry dam
Spillway of dam : 471 m
Non-over flow dam : 979 m
Length of Masonry dam : 1450 m
Maximum height : 125 m
Earth dam
Total Length of Earth dam : 3414 m
Maximum height : 27 m